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Sunshine Coast Local Music

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Sunshine Coast Local Music! This is a website that is focused on showcasing local music that has been made on the sunshine coast and is available online. Our featured artists are those that have completed our “My Release” form detailing information about their release. Below you will find detailed information about specific releases along with all the places you might find these groups / artists online.

Your Definitve Guide

A complete list of musicians making original music on the sunshine coast.

Our Playlists for You!

Sunshine Coast Queensland Playlist

This is the most complete collection of Sunshine Coast music available on spotify made available and made locally to date.

Sunshine Coast Cafe Playlist

Discover the Sunshine Coast Cafe Playlist! Here you will a find a curated compilation of suitable music created by sunshine coast local musicians for a cafe environment.

Sunshine Coast 2020 Playlist

Discover the Sunshine Coast local music 2020 playlist! Here you will find the most complete selection of music made available in 2020 and made locally and updated monthly.

See Locals Perform on Youtube!

BDJ "Back Door Jam" Sessions are a series of live intimate recordings filmed on the Sunshine Coast and available for you on YouTube. BDJ Sessions features the talents of many Sunshine Coast performers who are welcome to showcase their original content in a chilled intimate setting where magic is possible.

Sunshine Coast Local music is a community initiative created and endorsed by Sunshine Coast musical duo “Fringe Mellow.”