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Zelus & HG aka The High Knights¬† are a Sunshine local group from Maroochydore. The title “10 minuets” is now available in most places online. Zelus (Lance) has taken a moment to answer a couple of questions.

Zelus (Lance) – 

This song means a lot to me personally. I really enjoy the energy & angst in this song. I think I successfully created a vulnerable character that I can feel for and sympathise with. It’s a story, but sometimes imagination is simply a different place to reality.

What is the intention with this song? 

Nothing is done until its done, you can dream of robbing a bank and you can wonder what if, but if you don’t do it, it never happened. The intention of this song is to show the battle between the mind and reality. This song is simply a point of observation. It is also to raise awareness about mental health and the power our minds have over us.

What were you up-to when this song came about?

I was in my early 20’s, hanging out with Henry as we made the music at his place in Pomona. I was living in the Cooroy hinterland in a shed on my dads property and this is where I took the Mp3 home to write the lyrics. I wrote it over a couple of nights. 

What inspired you to create/write ’10 Minuets’?

I wrote this when I was thinking about my purpose and relevance in life all the while understanding that time was ticking and nobody gets anywhere just sitting around. This song is about being caught in the cross roads, expectations and the confines of finance. I love to write in a fictional way and using unique concepts. I think subconsciously this song was telling me something although this song is not a telling from real life situations. I purposely wrote this about a character, their mindset and a challenging situation. The songs speaks about anxiety and doubts and pressures of life. 

What is your favourite line or lyric and why?

“living in the now is hard to beat, but nothing comes much quicker than tomorrow.”

Being in the now is ideal and we should strive to capturing the moment and not sleep on today however nothing runs faster than the clock so bare that in mind also. its hard not to race through today just to get ahead tomorrow. It’s the whole conundrum of whats more important? chipping away towards a brighter future or taking pleasure in the moment. I like this lyric because its a question I ask my self everyday. Indulge in the now or work hard for tomorrow.

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