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Sugarbag Blonde - Separate Lives

Sunshine Coast Local Music
Sugarbag Blonde Separate Lives sunshine coast music
Sugarbag Blonde - Separate Lives

Sugarbag Blonde are a Sunshine Coast local band from Caloundra. Their new release “Separate Lives” is now available in most places online. Here is the low down as to how this song came about.

Sugarbag Blonde –

I woke up around midnight with the lyrics in my head. Raced outside to my studio and wrote it all in about 10 minutes. 

What inspired you to create/write this song? 

Looking at the stale relationships people put up with and observing how sad it is that people live together but separately.  

What is the intention with this song?         

Observation, I guess people will take it as they will. Maybe it’ll provoke some thought. 

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