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Sugarbag Blonde - California

Sugarbag Blonde Profile

Sugarbag Blonde are a Sunshine Coast local band from Caloundra. Their new single “California” is now available in most places online. Here is the low down as to how this song came about.

Sugarbag Blonde –         

I certainly fell in love with California, and feel an intrinsic tie to the place that I can’t explain. There’s a line in the song about infatuation and that is certainly my experience. So I guess the song is really about following your desire and finding your place.

Where were you when this song came about? What were you up to?

I was in LA. I’d been there meeting with various music industry people, producers and such. I stayed AirBNB with these beautiful people right near Hollywood, and I was up early watching the sun come up over the palm trees and the hills. I’d been reading Neil Youngs autobiography and while I was drinking my coffee sifting through this book, I sat and watched the sunrise and the lyrics just started to tumble out.          

What inspired you to create/write this song? 

LA is a weird place, it has an allure about it that you can’t escape. It draws people from everywhere, creative people converge there and it really is where people go to chase their dreams. I met many beautiful people there and I realised they all come there for the same thing. The place has a shine on it in every sense. So the song I guess frames that in the fashion that ‘California’ is an old love affair that you can’t escape in some weird deja vu.

Does this song have any musical influences?         

Certainly that 70’s Americana vibe, CSNY, Neil Young etc… It frames the concept perfectly. That’s why those bands/people came to LA; to chase their dreams and that’s where it happened for them. 

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