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Stu White Presents
"We Are A Nation Of Sons & Daughters"
Released: 05/05/2020

Stu Whites Profile

Stu White is a Sunshine Coast local artist from Nambour. His new release “We Are A Nation (Of Sons and Daughters)” is now available in most places online. Stu has taken a moment answer a couple of questions.

Stu White –

This is a song reflecting my faith as a follower of Jesus, and a prayer of blessing over our nation, Australia. Some see the idea of God as angry and judgemental, and sadly, a lot of religious people have probably communicated that to many Australians. However, I see the Bible revealing God as a loving father who speaks purpose and blessing over His children. This song is my interpretation of how I think God feels about Australia. We are His sons and daughters. 

Where were you when “We Are A Nation” come about? 

Part of ‘We Are A Nation’ was written in last year in 2019, but during the bush fires this past summer, I was inspired to rewrite some verses and the bridge.

What was the inspiration for “We Are A Nation”?

I was definitely inspired by my faith- and I know that won’t resonate with everybody- but when I saw the suffering of many Australian communities through the fires and floods, it just kind of wrote itself. 

Final words –

Many people who heard the concept for this song donated their talents and time to record it. Special thanks goes to Angus Woodhead at Glasshouse Studios Australia for his vision for this project. All proceeds for this song will be forwarded to the Salvation Army Disaster Appeal.

Stu White Presents
"We Are A Nation Of Sons & Daughters"
Released: 05/05/2020

Stu Whites Profile

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