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Stu White - Horizons (Album)

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Stu White - Horizons

Stu White Presents
The "Horizons" Album
Released: April 2019

Stu Whites Profile

Stu White is a Sunshine Coast local from Nambour. His album “Horizons” is now available in most places online. Stu White answers our questions.

Did you try and capture any overall mood or theme?

We were definitely going for an old school surf rock kind of sound- particularly for the upbeat tracks on the EP. I grew up on the Gold Coast in the 80s listening to the Riptides, Gangajang and Sunnyboys- and that was the vibe we were going for.

Does the album title reveal anything about the nature / meaning of the album? 

 ‘Hope looms on horizons’ is a line in the second track, Redemption. It speaks of vision, hope and new destinations.

When did you begin creating material for this release?

It’s the title track from the album, which really was the catalyst for the new recording. 

Any favourite or stand out songs / singles? Why these ones? 

Actually, the final 2 tracks are probably my favourites to go back and listen to. I felt ‘Mr Anonymous’ and ‘Cracks’ were the weakest songs initially, but I’m really happy with the way they came out. Thanks to producer Carl, and Riordan Butler (electric guitar in Mr Anonymous) and Mike Turner (bass on all tracks).

What do you think is unique about this release?

It was recorded with 2 mics and a MacBook in Carl’s garage! To professional engineers it doesn’t rate, but I like the raw, natural sound that Carl was able to produce with this project.

Were there any musical or writing influences that you had? 

Besides those old surf rock bands, Bernard Fanning from Powderfinger is definitely a big influence on the style of my songs. Lyrically, I draw from my own life experiences and the people I meet along the way. 

Horizons was recorded and mixed by Carl W. Jackson & mastered by David Carr @ Rangemaster

Stu White Presents
The "Horizons" Album
Released: April 2019

Stu Whites Profile

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