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SPiNFiX Presents
The Automation
Released: 25/05/2019

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SPiNFiX is a Sunshine local artist from Coolum. “The Automation” is now available on Soundcloud. 


When this track landed online it gained 400 plays the first day. A lot of people connected with it. It’s spoken word and electronically produced.

What inspired you to create/write this song?

I got hooked on a line ‘living on the ones and zeros’ how technology has taken over our lives. I started writing pages and pages on the subject, and basing it 80 years into the future. The concept of living in a virtual world through devices that can read your thoughts and in turn transfer thoughts back into the mind in order to make your mind believe, feel, immersed in this world without leaving the room. Then I started to focus on the underside of things, the rebels, sick of it all, and the new drug, disrupting the mind with code to feel something more. The paranoia of people being not who they really are, the policing of the glitch and the erasing of someones mind. But we are all here living on the ones and zeros. A little influenced by the matrix and ready player one. 

Does this song have any musical influences?

Nirvana, the chord structure, I have always liked how Kurt chose unconventional chord structures at times, creating a bit of melancholy. 

What is your favourite line or lyric?

Just like you, We can go anywhere we want to go, just like you, We can be whoever we want to be.. It’s cliche I know, but there is some universal truth in it, connecting the now to the later, and tapping into the idea that you are in charge of destiny.

SPiNFiX Presents
The Automation
Released: 25/05/2019

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