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Sari Abbott - Do It Again

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Sari Abbott is a Sunshine Coast local artist from Sunrise Beach. Her single “Do it again” is now available in most places online. We discuss where this song came from.

Sari Abbott –

‘Do It Again’ is a song about writing a song. It means the start of my particular journey with music. It’s been in the making for a while now as I’m now 17. So it’s the very first song I’ve written and I look forward to releasing my next few as I think they are different.

Where were you when this song came about? What were you up to?

When I first wrote this song I was 12 years old, had just taken up guitar lessons with another local legend Taylor Moss, and really didn’t know what to write about. We co-wrote this song together about writing music, doing my best and dreaming about the possibilities.

What inspired you to create/write this song?

Being young and starting to write, I didn’t really feel I had that many life experiences back then. I couldn’t really sing about being in love etc, so I tried to capture things that I do in real life. The dreams of having a career and not giving up on something I’m passionate about.

What is your favourite line or lyric?

Go ahead and do it, put your heart into it, there’s no stopping you. It can mean many things for different people. 

Does this song have any musical influences?

No not really, but Taylor Moss has been writing for a while now and can relate to me and how she started in the industry as a young girl. Another coast legend musician now producer Nyssa Ray has put her spin on it musically, and I love what she’s done with it.

Sari Abbott Releases

  • 20 May 2022

  • 20 May 2022

  • 20 May 2022

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