Promote your EP or Album

Lets talk about your music! Here you can fill me in about your Ep or Album. I appreciate that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating this piece and I want to give it the spotlight it deserves. Lets not beat around the bush here! Lets make a case for why people should listen to this EP or Album. I have formulated specific questions to give your audience the information they need to ensure their listening experience of your music is a wholesome one. As long as your Ep or Album is available online then this post will do it justice.

 I’m looking for roughly 5/6 sentences to pitch your Ep or Album to our audience. Why is your music important or particularly remarkable? What makes you original?

My ambition is to host a page that displays your music, your thoughts behind it and where people can find it. The more thought that you put into filling out these forms the better the form will work for you and your fans. I hope you enjoy the process. 

Any pictures or supporting information can be emailed to

I will also search google an social platforms for profiles that I can link you too!