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I think your music is important and needs to be heard! The Sunshine Coast has an awesome variety of music however finding whats right for you is a little tricky. This is where I come in. Using this system to display your music you will make your music easier to locate online and once people have found you they will have all the other links they need to get it for themselves.

My ambition is to host a page that displays your music, your thoughts behind it and where people can find it. As long as your song is online then this post will do it justice. I don’t include any information that will make the post dated or irrelevant. This page will work as an introduction to who you are as a creator and what goes on behind a song. This is not a “bio” or “about me” your fans will find that information through other online pages.

The more thought that you put into filling out these forms the better the form will work for you and your fans. I hope you enjoy the process. =)

Lets Talk Music!

Lets setup a profile!.

Sunshine Coast Local Music

I want to know in about 25 words or less the bare bones of who you are! People will go to your website or social profile to learn more about you. Here is a good place to summarize what your about and how your music is right down there alley.

Here are some questions to help you:

Where are you located roughly?
What does your group consist of?
What genre of music typically describes you?
When might someone enjoy listening to your music?

Promote a new song.

Sunshine Coast Local Music

Every song has a story, maybe it started with a conversation? I’m looking for roughly 5/6 sentences to pitch your song to our audience. Why is your song important or particular remarkable? What makes your song original?

Here are some other questions you could consider answering to put your song in a nutshell.

Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc.
Itunes, bandcamp, amazon etc.

Promote an EP or Album

Sunshine Coast Local Music

I am pretty good with google, but any links you feel are important please paste in the field above.