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Mouse - Cars To Concrete

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Mouse is a Sunshine Coast local band from Buderim. Their single “Cars To Concrete” is now available in most places online. We discuss where this song came from.

Mouse (Caleb) –

I Wrote this song about my frustration with people never saying what they are actually thinking.

About the Video Clip

This music video was shot by Harley Jones shot entirely by VHS. “We wanted to convey a rawness and authenticity to the clip so we tried to do it as DIY as possible to help connect intimately to those the song may resonate with.” Says Writer and vocalist Caleb.       

What is ‘Cars To Concrete’ about and where did it come from?

Caleb first started exploring the themes of ‘Cars to Concrete’ from a young age however it wasn’t until he came across an old study in France that he was able to articulate the the very raw and real feelings. The French call it “L’appel du vide” or ‘the call of the void’ in English; that tiny voice that tells you to jerk the steering wheel just to the right and take a flying leap off the ledge…that inclination to walk right into the ocean and never return…the call of the Siren song.  

Does this song have any musical influences?

We’re influenced by the early Silversun Pickups or Breeders works with the male female vocals and tied together with the classic sounds of cello and grand piano.

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