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Myah - Butterflies (The Rush Inside)

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Myah - Butterfiles (The Rush Inside)

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Mayah is a Sunshine Coast local artist from Maroochydore. Her new single “Butterflies” is now available in most places online. We discuss how¬† this song came along.

Mayah –

The song represents new beginnings to me along with the warm, soft, innocence of butterflies. It represents the uncertainty of new relationships which have the potential to become something beautiful, much like a butterfly

What were you up-to when the song ‘Butterflies’ came to you?

I was in high school and started having feelings for someone at my school.

What inspired you to write ‘Butterflies’?

The inspiration of this song comes from the feeling of new, Innocent and unexpected love which feels like butterflies. It’s a sense of excitement, joy and unknown possibilities.

What’s your favourite lyric?

My favourite lyric in the song would be “Butterflies came alive” because I can relate so much to that one line. The feeling really does feel like butterflies. 

What is the intention with this song?

The intention of this song is to remind people of that beautiful feeling we all get when we start having feelings for someone. I know how wonderful that feeling is and I would like to remind people of that joy. 

Does ‘Butterflies’ have a musical influence?

Strangely, as a young teenager I didn’t listen to much music and so for a long time, including in high school, I didn’t have many musical influences. 

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