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Mark Maxwell - DANCE

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Mark Maxwell is a Sunshine Coast local DJ from Peregian currently signed to Club Sweat. His latest track “DANCE” is now available in most places online. 

Mark Maxwell –  

This is my 2nd release since signing to Australian label, Club Sweat. Its explores the combination of an upfront tech house sound with undeniably catchy lyrics! 

Where were you when this song came about? What were you up to??      

I write my music in a home studio in Peregian Springs! I love it here I can be walking my dog on the beach in the morning and writing a record in the afternoon. 

What is the intention with this song?   

 I want this song to be your get up and go on Monday morning. It’s your PT yelling for one more set. It’s your first drink on a Friday afternoon.

Does this song have any musical influences??

Long before the sweaty nightclubs and endless days in the studio, I had Chemical Brothers and Soulwax blaring through the headphones of my Sony Walkman. I’ve been a bit nostalgic over the last few months, and been revisiting some of my favourites from the early 2000s and I feel this is the kind of music we need right now. It’s robust, it’s focused, but undeniably fun.

“DANCE” is a collage of sorts – as I’ve been stuck in my studio, I’ve been collecting different vocals, noises, and synths and finding a way to piece them all together.

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