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Lyell Reck - North Shore

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Lyell Reck - North Shore

Lyell Reck is a Sunshine Coast local band from Peregian. “North Shore” is now available in most places online. Here is the low down as to how this Acoustic Folk / Roots album came about.

Lyell Reck –        

The inspiration for North Shore came whilst spending a month camping in isolation at the idyllic Noosa North Shore camp ground.

Does this song have any musical influences? 

John Williamson – I like my songs to have a clear message and tell a story.

When did you begin creating material for this release?

The majority of the album was written at Noosa North Shore with a couple of tracks coming from either side of this experience. 

Any favourite or stand out songs / singles? Why these ones?

“It’s No Australia”
It clearly expresses my love for our beautiful country and evokes patriotism in all who listen.
“A Fathers Love”
An ode from a father to his son and the incredible bond that is forged between the two. 

What do you think is unique about this release? 

 Simple, Stripped Back, Heartfelt Story Telling.

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