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Lara-Jane Stewart - Marianne

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Lara-Jane Stewart - Marianne

Lara-Jane Stewart is a Sunshine local artist from North Arm. Her new release “Marianne” is now available in most places online. Lara-Jane has taken some time to answer a couple of questions.

Lara-Jane Stewart – 

At the time of writing this song, my intention was just to be present and listen to what it had to say, and really allow that to flow through. Once it was written, it really felt like a message or reflection on life that wasn’t just meant for me. It felt like it had this beautiful, uplifting energy about it and this very gentle, but very powerful encouragement to offer to others. So my intention became to record it in a manner as simple, honest and clear as it had first came through, and just share it on to the world as soon as possible – let it travel around where it would and touch people.

What is your favourite line or lyric and why?

It’s hard to choose, but I’d say the final verse of the song, “These days Marianne lives by the sea – she doesn’t have much, but she knows how to breathe”… I think that’s such a deep prayer/intention I hold in my heart for my life and for anyone else in the world – that no matter what we end up with materially, that we can all find our way to living with an abundance of peace and joy in our hearts. 

What does “Marianne” mean to you?

It has really been soul medicine. It reminds me to take more courage; trust in the winding path of my life more; have more faith in myself… It feels like it’s reminding me not to get too distracted along the way by all the outside suggestions of what we ought to do to become “significant” and instead, remember that we already are significant, innately, and just to stay more focused on the quiet internal voice, calling us forward on our path.

What were you up to when this song game to you?

I was home alone in the studio with my guitar, working on some other songs at the time, but I’d definitely had this feeling like something had been brewing away inside me and was ready to be heard. 

What inspired you to create this song?

It emerged from the emotion conjured by some chords I was playing in this rhythmic, folky, finger-picking style. The story started out about this character from another time and place, Marianne. I could picture her in my mind, like I was watching a movie about her life, all the while playing in this old-timey bluegrass/folk style on the guitar. It was just one of those songs that flowed out, and when it was pretty much done and I put it all together and sang it to myself properly, I realised how much Marianne and I had in common. It wasn’t exactly autobiographical, as it travels further down her life path than where I’m up to, but the parallels and the feeling of resonance was there for sure.

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