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KGM Band - Selftitled Album

KGM Band are a Sunshine Coast local band from Maroochydore. Their current self titled album “KGM” is now available in most places online. We discuss how this album came about.

KGM –  

With this release, we tried to show that we are a versatile band. Going from hard rock, to country, to funk then to soft rock and so on. And so as a band we can’t be pigeonholed into a certain style description. We like to play as many different styles of music that we can.

Any favourite or stand out songs / singles? Why these ones? 

Lady in Red and That,s for sure are probably my Favourites off the Album Because they are high energy and Get your Foot tapping and head moving.  

Was this album recorded and put together all in the same place? 

No, most of the songs were played live for many years before we had the great opportunity to record them at Tall Poppies Studio’s in Brisbane. 

How was the writing done for this album?

All music recorded is written by Kim Kellie. Kim has written many songs over his forty year playing career. playing covers and Original material over many years on the Pub and Club circuit, with Bands such as Gangster, No Exit, Clearwater, The Kim Kellie Band and Know The all Original Band KGM. We are currently working on our second Album which will be released this year sometime.

Does the album title reveal anything about the nature of the album?

No, just the first letters of our names. Kim Gus Mark – KGM. 

What do you think is unique about this release?

All of the songs sound different, some albums you here have got one song sounding like another. We try to avoid that.

Is this album clearly defined by genre?

It’s been defined as Classic Rock.

Were there any musical or writing influences that you had? 

Kim has been heavily influenced by the Beetles for his songwriting, adding some different time changes in some songs. 

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