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Innessa Sweet Love Jan Grman Sunshine Coast Music Single
Innessa - Sweet Love Ft. Jan Gran

Innessa is an artist living and making music in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Her release “Sweet Love” is now available in most places online. Innessa shares with us how this song came about.

Innessa -  

Tell me about the concept? What’s the purpose of this song?  

Even though I wrote “Sweet Love” for my guitar – my dearest kindred spirit, my soul-friend, this song is generally about unconditional love and support and can be referred to anyone or anything: a spouse, or best friend, a Higher Spirit.    

Does this song have any musical influences?  

This single was produced during Covid-19 pandemic when musical gigs had stopped. Local musician Jan Grman contacted me and offered to do something together to stay creative. I brought my lyrics to our session and together we turned them into a song. Jan definitely brought his own musical influences into the composition. It sounds very Sade, easy listening and soulful.  

What inspired you to write this song? a life experience?  

Life is like the weather: one day the sun shines, the next day it is dark and cold. Those were the rainy days of sadness and loneliness when I wrote this song.

When would be a good time to listen to it? What mood does it suit?  

It is a good song to listen to after a long day – to relax, unwind, reflect and pause for a moment.

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