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Innessa - Golden Wreath

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Innessa is an artist living and making music in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Her release “Golden Wreath” is now available in most places online. Innessa shares with us how this song came about.

Innessa –  

The song is based on an old Traditional Russian Folk song “I am walking with the wreath”. I used to sing it in a choir back in Russia during my school years. Traditionally it is a song about an old custom where a young woman is carrying a wreath in search of a husband, later placing it on the shoulder of the man she likes. I wrote lyrics in English, adding my own meaning to the song. In my version, the wreath is a symbol of dreams and desires.

What inspired you to create/write this song?  

When I moved to Australia I basically started all over again, which was challenging. I learnt to speak and write songs in English, adapt to cultural differences and became a mother. Golden Wreath is my musical anchor – it pushes me to keep climbing mountains until I reach my sunrise.    

What does this song mean to you?  

“Golden Wreath” is very meaningful to me as a musician overcoming obstacles to follow my dream.  

Does this song have any musical influences?  

With the melody derived from an old Russian Folk Song “Golden Wreath” is infused with Easter-European influences.
The music video also features old traditions of fire jumping, wreath making, releasing wreath into a river etc. The video was made in our backyard in the “Glasshouse Mountains,” Sunshine Coast hinterland.

What is your favourite line or lyric & why?  

“Walking through misty heath with the golden wreath, I look deep into my heart” – it’s a reminder to pause for a moment and listen.   

What is the intention with this song?  

“Golden Wreath” is a reminder to walk with purpose; to follow your true destiny. 

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Innessa's Releases

  • 09 Nov 2021

  • 10 Mar 2020

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