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Fringe Mellow are a Sunshine Coast local group from Maroochydore. ‘Our Brand’ is now available in most places online. We discuss where this song came from.

Fringe Mellow –  

Our Brand is about sticking it out. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s not. Rising up to be the person you believe your partner deserves isn’t always easy.  

Where were you when this song came about? What were you up to?

Henry was making a beat and I was writing lyrics to suit the vibe. We often chat about life and our relationships and this is where we get our ideas from. On this occasion I was feeling a little run down from work and felt out of character. Unfortunately when you feel out of sorts it does tend to rub off onto other people. I didn’t want my wife blaming herself for how I felt, I wanted to make song that says I’m still committed however I’m just feeling a little bit spent.   

What is the intention with this song?

The intention of this song is to share an intimate account of a typical low you might experience in a relationship. To struggle with mental health is normal sometimes. I wanted to share this song with people who have doubts about themselves during times of uncertainty and say that this is OK. Just because you love and value your relationship, it doesn’t mean there won’t be times when you’ll find it difficult to show it. It’s hard to give 100% when your not feeling 100%. 

Where were you when this song came about? What were you up to? 

‘I know what fortune is and I’m fortunate, I love our brand just lately I haven’t been endorsing it.’

I liked the concept of using the terms “Brand” and “endorsement” in relation to our personal lives. Fortune is commonly associated with money, and a good brand needs financial backing! I think how you nurture your relationship is like a Brand, you need to put time into it for it to grow. I wanted to say I love our (Brand) family message, values and image but I’m failing to uphold them for the moment.

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