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Emma Tomlinson - Aquarius EP

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Emma Tomlinson is a Sunshine Coast local artist from Noosa. Her EP “Aquarius” is now available in most places online. 

Emma Tomlinson –  

The album title ‘AQUARIUS’ is called Aquarius as my zodiac star sign in Aquarius meaning that the EP is about my story and experiences.

Was this album recorded and put together all in the same place?

Yes, I recorded and mixed all 5 songs on the EP in Brisbane with James North Productions.

Were there any musical or writing influences that you had? 

A lot of the influences I had was through things that I had experienced and so I used those experience both positive and negative as well as traumatic to place into my songs to share my story.

What do you think is unique about this release?

I love the artwork and photography that was created for it by Travis MacFarlane who has captured and create exactly what the album is about and the title of the album ‘AQUARIUS’. I would say what makes it unique is how the photo was taken. I was in the pool on a ladder leaning back wearing a white dress that was half on and my hair out looking into the sun. Little did I know that experimenting like that made such a beautiful art to display for my EP cover.

Any favourite or stand out songs / singles? Why these ones? 

My favourite song of the EP is ‘SILVER LIGHTING’ as I had the pleasure of my dear friend Peter Koppes; former band member of the church record Ebow and nylon string guitar on the track itself and it was a song that he helped me write when I first met him in grade 12 and started guitar lessons with him then one day I came into the lesson and once I showed him silver lightning when I was first writing it he was on it straight away and honestly made into a something more than just a song. That song is a representation of myself starting from scratch on the sunshine coast and building my way up and working as hard as I can.  

Tell me about the music?

I simply wrote all of the songs on the piano as due to my left index finger/left-hand nerve injury that is all I can play instrumentation wise and all of the songs on the EP feature piano in it as that is core to who I am and what I play as an Artist. It is Pop with classical cross-over influence 

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