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Dear Doonan - Sweet Quiche

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Dear Doonan - Sweet Quiche

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Dear Doonan are a Sunshine Coast local band. Their new instrumental release “Sweet Quiche” is now available in most places online. Here is the low down on how this song came about.

Dear Doonan –

This was the last song we wrote before recording our “Temple of Doon.”  We wrote the song about a week before hitting the studio. Funnily enough it was the first song we recorded in the studio too. 

Does this song have any musical influences?         

The sitar and the surf guitar form the backbone of this track. Though in general our music grows as we grow as a band. We are influenced by each other, not only musically, but what is happening in our personal lives. Each of us are writers and each member of the band brings their own individual sound. Our music styling is a melting pot of global music, from any time between the 1960’s to today.

What does this song mean to you?         

It is the first single from our forthcoming album. It is meant to be just a bit of a fun song. It is instrumental, so the only meaning you can draw is from the musical journey the song takes you on. Despite it’s length, there are still quite a few changes throughout the song and it’s beginning is completely different to it’s end.

What inspired you to create/write this song? (and real life situations)  

The song evolved out of jamming together with different members bringing different flavours to each section. Our lead singer Zachariah, wrote the main riff on the sitar, with each of us chiming in with our respective instruments. The setting where we practice, is really inspiring, surrounded by beautiful bush land. When we aren’t practising, we often are spending time there hanging out, cooling off by swimming, or practising our back flips from the rope swing out of the tree.

What is the intention with this song?         

I don’t think there was any real intention, except that we wanted to fuse Indian sitar with tinny surf guitar. We did have a kind of intention for the overall album. This song fit the album, in a kind of way that you can make a pattern from many different pictures if they are slightly similar, despite their differences.

What is your favourite part of the song?         

I love the breakdown after that drum fill, about half way in, after the surf guitar kicks in.

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