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Dave Barrie - Set In Stone

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Dave Barrie is a Sunshine Coast local artist from Noosa. His new single “Set In Stone” is now available in most places online. We discuss where this song came from.

Dave Barrie –

Almost everyone has had something in their lives they’ve always wanted to do but kept putting it off out of fear and doubt. Set In Stone is about breaking down those barriers that stop us from giving it a go.

Where were you when this song came about? What were you up to?       

I began writing this song over 10 years ago. I had just been through a long term relationship break up and finally felt free to pursue things I’d always wanted. I had a rough idea of what I wanted and recorded a rough demo into my phone. It wasn’t until recently I dug out all my old ideas and began working on them, slowly finishing off one song at a time.

What is the intention with this song?

While I wrote it about my own personal journey with music, the lyrics are actually quite vague and can be applied easily to any context where someone has been wanting to go for something but needs to break down the barriers. It could be sky diving, going for a job promotion, coming out to your parents, asking someone out, swimming with sharks, writing a short story… just about anything. It would be a bonus if this song inspires someone to begin the small first steps towards their goal.

What is your favourite line or lyric & why?

I want to run into the rain and wash off all this fear, this doubt and pain. It is the pre-chorus line. I like the imagery of washing off the fear etc. Kind of like being reborn, starting again.    

What inspired you to create/write this song?

After a lengthy hiatus from music bringing up my 2 daughters and suffering extreme lack of sleep (!) I had plenty of self doubt and fear of judgement about songwriting, recording and releasing music again. It seemed appropriate that my first release back in action was about all of that. Now that the song is released I feel a weight off my shoulders and that future recordings and releases will become easier and easier.

Does this song have any musical influences?

Nothing specific. At the time I started writing it about 10 years ago I was listening a lot to Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Pearl Jam and others. But I don’t think it really sounds like any of those.

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