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Baileydrummer Ft. Monte Gaffney - Brother

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Baileydrummer Ft. Monte Gaffney - Brother

Baileydrummer Profile

Baileydrummer is a Sunshine local artist from Mountain Creek. His new release “Brother” is now available in most places online. Baileydrummer has taken a moment to answer a couple of questions.

Baileydrummer – 

‘Brother’ is our best project and the one which means the most to me. It’s the first positive story I have really told in song and about someone very important to me, Monte. 

What were you up-to when this song came about?

As Monte and I discussed on the first episode of my podcast Ask a Muso, he found the main riff idea in his voice memos whilst looking for something else and sent it to me to have a listen to. From there we put it together and made it into what it is now.

What inspired you to create/write ‘Brother’?

Monte is the brother I never had. He’s a rock to me and my best friend. When he showed me the song idea from a few low-fi demo recordings, I knew instantly what to write about. Him and I. 

What is the intention with this song? 

The song’s intention is to briefly highlight Monte and my relationship and how meaningful it has been from we met to now; 2 states away but closer than ever.

What is your favourite line or lyric and why?

I’m stuck on two. I love “caught between a hard place and the rock you have become” for it’s a play on the saying “caught between a rock and a hard place.” I also like the simplicity of changing  “friends are the family you choose” and twisting it to be “you’re the family I choose” It really ties in the title and our relationship.

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