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Baileydrummer is a Sunshine Coast local artist from Mountain Creek. His Album “Been There, Lived That” is now available in most places online. 

Baileydrummer –  

“Been There, Lived That” is a personally chronological story of a large part of my life.   

Was this album recorded and put together all in the same place?

Yes, somewhat. It has a variety of new mixing flavours from my current production setup. 

Does the album title reveal anything about the nature of the album? 

I used a term “been there, done that” and changed it to a more relevant description of the album. It specifically signifies how the themes of the album are in the past and how I lived through them.

When did you begin creating material for this release?

It features tracks from the end of my high schooling to late last year.

Any favourite or stand out songs / singles? Why these ones? 

Society Ft. Monte Gaffney – I love this song, because of the themes of the songwriting and the addition of a lead guitar part, re-recorded by my best friend. His part really lifted the song and this is why I love working with Monte so much. 

 I’ve tried to use music to tell the stories of my challenging past.

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