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Aspy Jones is a Sunshine Coast artist from Gympie. His new release “Come Alive” is now available in most places online. Here is the low down on how this song came about.

Aspy Jones –          

I am surrounded by strong, independent women and it saddens me when I see other women who are not in control of their own lives and their future is in the power of someone or something else. I wrote this song to encourage them to be the person they want to be and I hope they find strength to do that.

What is your favourite line or lyric and why?      

My favourite line from the song is “Do you ever feel like a poor made deal looking down for you to sign?” because sometimes life just deals you a bad hand and it’s hard to recover from that.

Where were you when this song came about?          

I wasn’t really in any one place, this song just developed over time. Some songs I write instantly, some take weeks or even months and I just keep going back to them.

What is the intention with this song?         

Come Alive was written about women who I see, spending their lives trying to make other people happy but not focusing on their own happiness.

What inspired you to create/write this song?         

In 2020 there are many women who still don’t have true equality. I’ll never know how that feels but I know what it looks like.

Does this song have any musical influence?      

I was listening to a lot of Kings of Leon at the time so I think I can hear that influence.

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