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Annie J & Fusion - Bittersweet

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Annie J & Fusion - Bittersweet

Annie J & Fusion are a Sunshine Coast local group from Noosa.”Bittersweet” is now available in most places online. We discuss where this song came from.

Annie J –

I love funk, one of my favourite genres. As a sax player I wanted something fun for the whole band to delve into.

What is your favourite part of the song?

My favourite part is the riff in the beginning. I love it!

Where were you when this song came about and what where you up-to?

I was staying at my friends home, house sitting with my keyboard.

Does this song have any musical influences?

Lenny Kravitz

What inspired you to write this song?         

I had just got a new bass player who is amazing so I wanted to write something with a great bass riff. Ironically he loves it.

What is the intention with “Bittersweet”?

Driving funk!

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